Thiago Boechat

Thiago Boechat is co-founder of GeneTech Animal Reproduction .

Graduated in Veterinary Medicine from Unoeste/ Presidente Prudente, São Paulo.

He lived in 1993, for 1 year, in the United States, acquiring knowledge in the area of reining horses training. 

In 1999, he returned to the United States to complete his internship at the Veterinary Course in Navasota, TX.

After graduating, he opened a center for Stallions, equine breeding and training reined horses. Married to Izabel Kristina since 2001 with whom he has 2 children, Ty and Sofia.

In 2004, Thiago moved to the United States and competed in reining events for 14 years. He became 2 times World Reining Champion among other relevant titles. 

Thiago was also the co-founder and manager of Xtra Quarter Horses, a large-scale reining breeding and training ranch.

Now Thiago focuses his time on managing GeneTech Animal Reproduction .



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